Clones by definition are clippings from original plants (or “Mother) that are grown to have their own root system. The roots usually sprout within 3 weeks and take hold to become an identical copy of the mother’s base structure and composition. Cloning provides a level of consistency for growers where stability is an important factor to yielding a profitable harvest, also, gender identification becomes a non-issue due to cloning. Clones come from a mother plant that stays in a perpetual vegetative stage which prevents it from flowering.

 Research is Your Friend

Your first bet is to look for a local source, see if there are growers in your state and investigate their methods of production. The preferred (and increasingly popular) method is cloning. Hemp Cloning is the method that consistently delivers a reliable crop for use in any CBD products.

Another important aspect to consider is the history of the grower, preferably one that’s been in the game for a while whether it’s for industrial hemp, or any other history that involves growing quality crops to cultivation and human consumption.

For instance, Central Greens started out as an organic Basil cultivator through advanced growing techniques that yielded high-grade crops fit for human consumption through our unique, sustainable ecosystem based on aquaponics. This knowledge of organically grown crops was easily adapted to produce some of the highest-graded CBD products available that are all natural, and lab tested to ensure consistent quality across the board.

What is Aquaponics?Fish Tanks

Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system derived from a controlled environment. Meaning our plant food is cultivated from our onsite Tilapia farm. That’s right, our hemp clones are organically fertilized by continuous byproducts derived from fish that produce valuable nitrates needed for viable plant food and cultivation.

However, this isn’t the only part of the equation that matters. Our ecosystem shares the same nutrient-rich water. We pump all the water from the fish tanks through our hydroponic systems to provide not only food for the plants but also to help filter the water and pump new oxygen into water to keep the fish healthy. In the end, our specialized system provides full control for healthy!

The Proof in Testing

Per regulations, all strains need to test under .3% for THC in order to be processed for CBD related products. When choosing your supplier, it’s very important that your prospects have all their testing performed by a third party laboratory to ensure accurate, honest results. Central Greens has all our strains tested by accredited labs and offer full lab results to anybody who requests them. We also offer consulting through the growing season.

When All is Said and Done

Picking your grower isn’t easy when you consider all the variables, it can feel a bit overwhelming through the whole process. We can help by assisting you through the process of understanding your growth and supply chain requirements. Our Aquaponics operation is one of the largest in the Midwest with dedicated and experienced professionals on hand to help you with whatever you need, so in the end, your choice really isn’t that hard at all.