Mission Main Street & Central Greens

Hello everyone! We have just applied for a $150,000 grant from Chase Mission Main Street Grants.

Our mission at Central Greens is to create a sustainable living environment through our advanced growing techniques. We devote our time to the support of the local community, environment and customers through our unique aquaponics system so we can provide highly nutritious, affordable and locally grown greens and fish year round.

By creating a sustainable ecosystem on our one acre space we are able to reduce water costs seen in traditional farming by ~99% and have zero discharge or run-off water like many traditional farms do. We are committed to being planet conscious and overcoming the obstacles that face traditional farming to provide a real sustainable future to urban farming, the environment and our community.

Receiving this grant would be SO HELPFUL for our business. It would give us the opportunity to continue expansion of our sustainable greenhouses to produce a higher volume and variety of products for the local community.

We want the ability to provide additional educational materials to local schools, universities and interested in sustainable farming being able to work towards a more conscious generation of people who care for the planet. With this grant we would be able to educate people on the benefits of aquaponics and the positive impact it has on the local community and the planet as a whole.

It is so important that we start to pay more attention to our planet and find ways to be responsible consumers and members of society.

Please vote for us for this grant & sharing this link to anyone who is interested in supporting a sustainable, environmentally & health conscious company

Vote for us now!